• Welcome to Hilton

  • Welcome to Hilton

  • Welcome to Hilton

Welcome to the Hilton Community Police Forum

Anyone who resides, works or owns property in Hilton comprise the members of the Hilton CPF. The members have adopted a constitution and elected a core executive of 5 members. These 5 members plus the Hilton Police Station Commissioner comprise the CORE HILTON CPF EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. This committee together with other stakeholders meets formally once a month to identify and implement appropriate crime fighting strategies.

Weekly crime report newsletter

Our involvement in the Hilton community:
  • Weekly crime report newsletter

  • Many areas have set up radio networks using hand held "walkie talkie" type radios. This is a very effective "intercom" type communication both for routine issues and emergencies.

  • Street level cameras are operational in some areas.

  • Street level "cells" are the building blocks of a secure neighbourhood. Getting to know your neighbours and formally documenting and circulating contact details is a good way to start.

  • Hilton Street Hawks - sign up here

  • Winterskloof Sector Forum - sign up here

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